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AFOD PVT LTD is a Singapore-based startup. We are a digital marketplace for home-based services that are accessible on a mobile platform. We are set out to provide customer-centric solutions offered on a single interface while using cutting-edge technology, and at break-neck speed. We position our users for start-to-finish, hassle-free services that are tailor-made for their digitized needs in an increasingly progressive digital marketplace. We also aid our vendors in setting up their businesses for more sales and revenue in an increasingly digital economy.

With our mobile platform, we have incorporated over 15+ high-demand and home-based services in Singapore through vendors at a low cost. We achieved this while also ensuring the sort of transparency that inspires business loyalty, confidence, and brand evangelism from our vendors and users.


AFOD PVT LTD is a unique mobile platform based in Singapore that has achieved a digitized marketplace to provide a seamless synergy between customers and vendors by providing numerous home-based services. Our platform was borne out of the need to invent the wheel of digital solutions to solve digitized marketplace problems, and the need to re-engineer the marketplace narrative to position vendors as customer leaders, and customers—as partners

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Our app has been designed to be easily accessed by our users and vendors through our single interface. Requests are made through a simplified method that facilitates transactions that are a smooth sail to navigate. It all begins by our user posting a job after the particular/relevant service for executing the job has been selected through the user’s app interface. After that, acceptance of the user’s job post by the vendor would be carried out through the vendor’s interface, and the user would then be assigned a satisfactory code to show acceptance of the request/order that has been made by the user. Subsequently, an agreed schedule is assigned for the service to be carried out. Upon completion, the vendor can request for the satisfactory code from the user as this is the only way to prove the completion of the said job.

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Schedule service instantly or based on your preferred time

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Advancement in the tech space has provided us with a vast array of opportunities that should be leveraged for service providers. Our mobile platform has plundered into this goldmine, digitizing the chain of business transactions from the user down to the service providers. We empower high-quality vendors by providing them with a larger pool of clients, and as a result, an increased revenue base. We carve open an infinite pathway into a multitude of clients and customers by providing a live dashboard that allows for fantastic business outcomes for you and your clients.

Increase revenue by Digitalizing Small/Medium enterprise business

Our mobile platform has plundered into this goldmine, digitizing the chain of business transactions from the user down to the vendors.

Pick Service request from your preferred location

We carve open an infinite pathway into a multitude of clients and customers by providing a live dashboard that allows to pick the jobs for your preferred location

Instant payments right after the job completion

We are not holding your payments. Receive Direct payment from customer either Via Direct cash, Pay now or Grab Pay

Income tracking and Electronic invoices

Our mobile platform provides a technologically advanced financial system for vendors by issuing electronic invoices while furnishing vendors with a direct payment plan upon completion of services.

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AFOD in Singapore

We are the world’s first unique digital platform offering a joint platform for both users and service providers (vendors). In our bid to revolutionize the digital marketplace of home-based services in a manner that prioritizes the digitized needs of users and put them in the driver’s seat of the new digital economy, we have mapped out exciting journeys for 25 + most common services in Singapore available with start-to-finish, doorstep deliveries on our mobile app. We’re all about revolutionizing the digital markets—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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